Saturday, September 21, 2013

Query: Joseph Stevenson, Wayne County

Read in Biographical History for George W. Stevenson which mentions his father, Joseph Stevenson, born 2 June 1786, died 13 August 1826. He lies buried near the old Elkhorn Church.  Did his body get moved to the Elkhorn Cemetery (unable to locate his gravesite)? 
                 Joseph Stevenson was one of the early pioneers of Wayne County.  There is also a reference to a book he wrote regarding his hatred of slavery that prompted his removal from Maryland.  Any ideas?
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  1. Hello,

    According to the book Tombstone Inscriptions In Wayne County, INdiana Vol. 2 page 148 by Beverly Yount:

    Joseph Stevenson d. 11-29-1837, age 51yr. 5 m. 27 d. son of George & Sarah (Cropper) Stevenson buried in Elkhorn Cemetery, Wayne County Indiana.
    The reference number for this book is R 929.5 Y 81 and is located in the Genealogy section of Morrison Reeves Library, Richmond Indiana phone number (765)-966-8291. You can call the library they will be happy to help with genealogy questions. There are more Stevenson's buried in the cemetery. Back in 1969, Beverly Yount literally walked every cemetery in Wayne County and wrote down tombstone inscriptions, thus writing books recording her findings. This is good because some of the cemetery's and tombstones are no longer there.
    thanks! Jackie Wayne County genealogist