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Query: Hezekiah Stout Denham, Harrison County

            Looking for family connections to HEZEKIAH STOUT DENHAM, b. Sept/Dec. 17, 1802, Knoxville, Knox, TN, to UNKNOWN PARENTS. He had an UNKNOWN BROTHER, that he walked 3-counties to see, in MN, when he was 62-64 yrs. old, about 1864--1866. 
            Hezekiah married 30 JUNE 1824, HARRISON COUNTY, IN., to Winney (LITTLE)(LITTELL), b. 01/01/1803, GA., the d/o REUBEN/RUBIN LITTLE/LITTELL,(b.1876)& SPOUSE, ELIZABETH (COVINGTON--GHORMLEY/GORMLY)(b.1836), of VA. & PA.
            Hezekiah and Winney DENHAM, had seven children:
1. Unk. dau. 1825--1827
2. Penelope JANE (Denham-Little) Dennis
3. Ursula Mahlon/Mellen/Milon Denham/Wells
4. William Jasper Denham ; all above were born in Indiana
5. Hugh Little Denham,1835
6. Reuben/Rubin M.(Morris?) Denham, b. August, 1837, Iowa--d. 1895 ND, after two marriages and ten children
7. Obediah E.(Elliott/Emmett??)Denham, 1839, no children
            Hezekiah was a farmer, landowner, quilter, canner of 10,000 pickles; he grew grapes for wine, smoked tobacco, was a justice of the peace, minister of the bible, and sold religious books. He was a tailor of doctors' clothing and maker of fine button holes.
            He was a member of the United Brethren in Christ Church, which became the United Methodist branch of the Episcopalians. Some have suggested he was a member of the German Huguenots Baptist Faith.  Although, I once saw a census record of him as Mulatto, my paternal family claims Caucasian.
            Since I don't know and can't find any early records between 1802 and 1824, I'm wondering if we are Melungeons, or part Native American, or the Portuguese who married DENHAM'S? We are English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, French, Swedish, and Nordic lines, and possibly other lines , too.

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