Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Query: Glenn Harmon Smith, Indianapolis

            I am inquiring about my father Glenn Harmon Smith (deceased) ss #314-20-0153; born August 28,1925.  His mother was Edyth E. Harmon, and his father was Clover E. Smith.  In doing a genealogy search, it shows his residence as Indianapolis Orphans Asylum, East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN.
            We were always told that he had a "nanny" when he was young, as his mother had to work. My mother is deceased, and my two brothers would like to know if and why he was placed in the Orphans Asylum on East Washington St.
            He was always very quiet about his past, and it would explain a lot if we knew if this is true. Thank you for your help.

Mark C. Smith
10410 Lakeview Drive
Atlanta, MI 49709

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  1. After checking the 1930 and 1940 census entries, it looks like a mistake was made on an old genealogy chart, which picked up an incorrect Glenn Smith.