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Query: John B. Smith, Fountain County

            Hello, I'm searching for any information on John B Smith that gives his parents names.
John B Smith born 8 August 1808 NJ; Died 23 September 1901 Middle Fork, Vermilion County, IL; Married 26 October 1836, Fountain County, IN, to Susannah (Liggett) Parker.
            Before this date I have nothing on his whereabouts. In the 1850 and 1860 Census it shows him in Cain Township, Fountain County, IN, along with his wife Susannah and their seven children:
Elizabeth J. Smith Born about 1839 IN.
Abner E. Smith Born 22 April 1841 Cain Township, Fountain County, IN. (Married Nancy Jane Rutledge)
Rachel Haney Smith Born 23 April 1842, Vedersburg, IN. Died 17 October 1928 Potomac Vermilion County, Illinois. (Married Thomas Smith)
Phillip Smith, Born about 1844 Indiana. Died 23 August 1929 Middle Fork Township, Vermilion County, IL. (Unmarried)
Mahala Smith Born 10 March 1847 Cain Township, Fountain County, IN. Died 2 July, 1874 Vermilion County, IL. (Unmarried)
Sarah A Smith Born 10 March 1847,  Fountain County, IN. Died 15 May 1911,
Vermilion County, IL. (Married Alfred H Watts)
Nancy C Smith, Born about 1850 Fountain County, IN. Died 4, May 1921 Vermilion County, IL. (Married Henry H Searl)
            John B. Smith was in Cain Township in the 1850 Census: then in the 1860 Census he is in Cain Township, Fountain County, IN, at age 52. In 1870 he was still in Middlefork age 62. In 1880 no census located, but in 1900 he is in the census living in Middlefork, Vermilion County, IL, as a widower, age 92. He then died at age 93.
            In all the census records it shows him being born in New Jersey and both his parents born New Jersey. I have his will, but it does not give his parents' names. I can't find John from his birth in 1808 until the 1850 Census, the first 42 years of his life. His wife Susan was born 31 December 1811, in Brown County, OH. Her father was William Liggett and Esther (Hays) Liggett. She died 2 August 1892, Potomac, Vermilion County, IL.

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  1. I am a descendant of Abner Smith born 1790 and DNA is connecting him to your John B. Smith. Abner Smith was born in New Jersey and married Mary Polly Barnett in Fountian Co. Indiana. My name is Denise Macy email is