Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FOUND: Photo of KEARNS Family of Remington, Jasper County (1880's)

Shelley Cardiel ( has found this old photo identified only as "with compliments of Mr. & Mrs. E. H. KEARNS" which was taken at the Beasley Studio in Remington, Jasper County, Indiana. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880’s, with the couple likely in their 30’s at the time.

There is no other identification on the photo. If you recognize anyone in this photo, or are a descendant of this family, please contact her.


  1. I live in Tonawanda NY relationship to this picture but I have a picture from the same Studio Beasley, Remington, Ind that was passed down from a great grandmother...anyone know the years the studio was open ? I'm not sure who the person is in the picture

  2. Hi, this is possibly Erasmus Horatio Kearns, born 1858 died 1941. Near Goodland, Indiana…… parents were John Franklin Kearns and Sarah Catherine Evans m 1841. They had 9 children. The last one was my great great grandfather Perry Green L Kearns…….

  3. Fashions were late to change the further west you went
    and people held on to their clothes a long time. This photo might be later than the 1880s…..