Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Query: DENHAM/LITTLE/LITTELL of Harrison County

My paternal, gr. gr. grandparents supposedly got married on 30, JUNE, 1824, in Harrison county, IN. I only have dates, because the marriage certificate was never returned to the courthouse or is still at the church office?  I saw where there are four places the wedding took place. Was it at a home? Was it at a courthouse? Was it at a church? Or possibly a Native American reservation? They were members of United Bretheran in Christ, which became First United Methodist? I don't know if they lived in Corydon or Maukport, from 1825--1835; Their names were: Hezekiah Stout DENHAM, b. 1802(Sept.--Dec.) TN; and his spouse, Winney LITTLE/LITTELL, b.1803, Jan.1, GA. They had at least seven children: unk. dau. 1825--1827; Penelope Jane Dennis 1829; William Jasper 1832; Hugh Little 1835, those in IN.  Reuben M. 1837 IA Obediah E. IA.
HSD had a brother, age and name unknown, that he contacted in 1866 while living in MN, at age 64. Where is he?

I'm looking for HSD's parents, his brother,  as well as what became of their youngest daughter. Are they buried in Harrison County?

My cousin, Dale Denham and I wrote and photographed the book, "Denham Thread's" 1987--1990, which got published, without the missing facts. 
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