Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parking Changes in Downtown Indianapolis

Researchers who have not visited downtown Indianapolis recently - particularly those going to the Indiana State Library - should be aware of changes if you park on the street. When the city recently privatized their parking meter system, the charges themselves increased, and you now have to pay to park on Saturdays. Additionally, if you let your meter expire, it now costs you $20 instead of $5. Two hours is the maximum time you can pay for at one time. You might also want to consider doing some of your research at area libraries such as Plainfield, Greenfield, Noblesville or Anderson.


  1. Meredith -- Thank you for the heads-up. I personally would be happy to punish Indianapolis for this bad policy by spending my research, parking, food, and lodging money elsewhere, but darn it, the Indiana State Library is not in Plainfield, Greenfield, Noblesville, or Anderson! What choice do I have? -- Harold

  2. It's a challenge. There are definitely some resources that only the State Library has - but some of their resources (like, for example, about central Indiana counties) can be found at other area libraries that don't have the same issues with parking.