Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marriage Indexing: Progress Report

The latest progress report for the Indiana Marriage Indexing Project shows that thanks to the concerted efforts of the volunteers, the available records for Allen County, Benton County, Boone County and Brown County have been finished. Volunteers have now started indexing the records that are available for Clark County:

--Clark County (1811-1959)--63.49% complete
--Dubois County (1811-1959)--52.89% complete
--Harrison County (1811-1959)--76.20% complete
--Marshall County (1811-1959)--55.14% complete

More volunteers are always welcome. Sign up at the FamilySearch Indexing website.

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  1. Hi

    I have been indexing Clark County Marriage Registers for some days now (from the UK) and I think it is worth pointing out that what often looks like Low Ky is in actual fact Louisville Kentucky. Any way why did so many couples cross over to Clark to get married? Can anyone tell me.