Monday, December 14, 2009

Query: COLLINS of Dubois and Miami Counties

I am looking for an ancestor who seems to have left very few clues behind. All I know is he was born in 1833 in Indiana. His name is William J. Collins, and according to a narration by my grandmother, his father's name was William also. He ended up in Gilroy, California, with a stop in Lane County, Oregon. I am his great-great-granddaughter (he married Adeline Duncan, they had a son Albert, who had a daughter Effie, who had a son Albert who is my father.)

The 1850 census for Columbia Township, Dubois County, Indiana has a William/William father/son possible match, with the son aged 17.

I found one other William Collins aged 17 in the 1850 Indiana census, in Miami County, the township starts with C, but I can't read the rest. It has a pre-printed page #124 on the document.

I understand this may be pure coincidence, however, is there a genealogist who would have access to both county records that you could put me in touch with?

Thank you.

Susan Hoerner

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