Saturday, December 12, 2009

Northwest Indiana Society Adds Lake County Databases

The Northwest Indiana Genealogical Society, which represents Lake County and Porter County, has added two new databases for Lake County to the Online Archives section of their website:

Guardian Bond Books, Lake County (1919-1934)
This Index was created from one book which was located at the Lake County Government Center in Crown Point, Indiana. The index will provide you with the guardian’s name(s), surety company’s name, the deceased name, the heir's name (or who the guardianship was set up for), the attorney’s name, and the date of the judgment. In some cases the society has added comments. They have also listed the case or the docket number and page number (if one was located). A copy of the bond will also include the bond amount and the relationships of the person listed in the bond, clerks, and the judge's name. By no means does this index represent all of the legal guardianships that were set up in Lake County, Indiana. This book was the only book of bonds that has been located at this time. There is an order form and directions on how you can send for a copy of this record.

Register of Trained Nurses in Lake County (1916-1943)
The information in this database will not lead a genealogist to a copy of the registration, but it will verify that an ancestor was a nurse, and might help locate where the individual resided during a certain timeframe. From this information, a check of city directories might show the person’s address, whether the residence was owned or rented, and the address of the hospital at which he or she was employed. If the residence was owned, the Recorder’s office should have a deed for the property. In those rare instances where a marriage was indicated, the Clerk’s office or the database of marriages on the NWIGS website can be checked for a marriage date, which can then be used to obtain the marriage application and certificate. In some cases there are indications of the nurse’s religion, which might suggest where to search for church records.

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