Sunday, November 22, 2009

Query: JOHNSON/GUY/BROWNEN/BOAS/BOSS of Morgan and Owen and Switzerland Counties

My third great grandmother, Sarah Johnson, was an orphan. She was born in 1839 in Indiana (possibly Morgan County) and died 01 May 1895 in Indiana (most likely near Gosport in Owen County). She married James Guy on 28 Nov 1853 in Morgan County, Indiana. Based on census records, I believe that she might have been raised by John and Elizabeth Brownen (There is a Sarah Johnson living with the Brownens in Morgan County in 1850). How might I found out more information about adoptions during this time period?
Another of my third great grandmothers (Elizabeth Boas/Boss b. 1849) was also adopted (in Kentucky before 1860) and was raised in Switzerland County, Indiana. Are there publications or records on such matters?

Thank you for your help.
Allison Riggle
4850 Chapel Brook Lane
New Albany, IN

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