Sunday, November 22, 2009


Leonard K BENNETT appears in the 1930 census in Detroit, aged 43 (b. England) in the company of his wife, Ruth, age 32, b. Indiana (and both parents b. Indiana), and stepson, Robert W Bennett, age 14, b Michigan (parents, confusingly, b England and Michigan). Leonard gives his age at first marriage as 43. As his birthday was 6 March, it means that (if he were telling the truth) he and Ruth were married between 6 March and 1 April 1930.

I have contacted the relevant authorities in Michigan, and the only marriage of a Leonard BENNETT to a Ruth, within a couple of years of that date, was 20 June 1931 in Ann Arbor, but the groom's father's name was not correct, and the (somewhat smudgy-font) ages were too young.

If anyone actually recognises my combination of names, dates and places, I would be delighted to hear from them.

SW Hertfordshire, England

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