Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marriage Indexing: Blurry Images & Other Tidbits

Ever get a blurry image? Here's how you handle them. If an image is blurry, look at the next image before indexing the blurry image. Chances are pretty good that the next image is a duplicate of the blurry one and will be much clearer. When that happens, go back to the blurry image, mark it as a duplicate, go to the clearer image and index it!

If the given name is William Edward, we want the whole thing -- not William E. and the field help says. And usually the name is written several times on a document. Please take the time to find the most COMPLETE name because that is the one we want you to index.

And sometimes a name may be Sarah one place on the document and maybe Sally someplace else. Which one to use? Use both! Index it as Sarah or Sally. Two versions of any name with "or" between them is not only acceptable, it is what we would like to see!

Thanks for your help on this fantastic project! You are creating an index that will last and be helpful to future generations long after all of us are gone. What better legacy to leave!

Shirley Fields

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