Monday, May 5, 2008

IGS Appoints Vermillion County Genealogist

At its May board meeting, the Indiana Genealogical Society appointed Walter Warren of Clinton, Indiana as the Indiana County Genealogist (ICG) for Vermillion County. Walter is a charter member of the Wabash Valley Genealogy Society and works at the Vermillion County Public Library in Newport. He is engaged in the preservation of county records and works closely with the Vermillion County clerk's office to make their records more available to the public.

About ICG
Indiana County Genealogist is a program of the Indiana Genealogical Society. Its goal is to appoint qualified individuals to represent each of the 92 counties in Indiana. The ICG is a liaison between the Indiana Genealogical Society and local organizations and individuals, acting as a conduit for genealogy-related news. For more details (including an application form), please visit

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