Sunday, May 6, 2007

Marriage Indexing: Don't add info that isn't there!

Please do not add information, such as "Indiana" if it isn't indicated on the record. If it just says a county name, then that is ALL you are supposed to enter. I'm getting reports that some indexer(s) are adding Indiana to the county name even when it is not indicated on the record itself.

Also, please pay attention to the Auto Complete feature of the program. If you type "A" for the month, you'll get April since alphabetically it comes before August. The same holds true for March and May. If you're dealing with a name and you just typed "Charlotte" on a previous record and now you enter a name of "William C" you are quite likely to end up with "William Charlotte" as the man's name! Check your menu bar and turn off the Auto Complete feature if it is giving you trouble. If you leave it on, please pay attention to what is being filled in for you by the program.

Thanks! And know that we are fast approaching 200,000 records indexed--probably within the next few days!

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