Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marriage Indexing: A Couple of Things to Watch For:

Some of the Decatur County information for a license and/or marriage is not always on just one image. The license might be on the first image and a couple of images later, you find the marriage information. DO NOT try to pair these up. Index each as though it were a separate record, recording what is there and marking as blank (Ctrl+B) any fields that have missing information. When you get to the second image, do the same thing -- index what is there and mark as blank (Ctrl+B) the fields for the missing information.

Even though you should set the number of records per image as you begin each batch, watch out of the oddball image that will have more or less than what you thought. For example, you may set the number of records per image as 4 for a batch and then later find one of the images contains 5 records rather than 4. In the middle of your screen, there are icons that let you add a record for one image or delete a record for just one image. Make yourself familiar with those icons and I think you'll find them useful.

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