Monday, January 20, 2020

Query: Land Records for James M Crabb Sr, Parke and Clay County, Indiana

I am a direct descendant of James M. Crabb, Sr of Bridgeton, Indiana.  I have been researching my Crabb family for over 20 years.  Recently I decided to review the relationships of the people buried in the Crabb Cemetery in Bridgeton, IN (Cemetery Record Number CR-61-105—Crabb).  I was always of the belief that the Crabb Cemetery was located on property owned by my 2nd Great-grandfather James M. Crabb, Sr. (1791, VA-1858, Bridgeton, IN) and that the Cemetery was located on his land in Section 28.  A posting in Find A Grave states that it is located in section 29.  To confirm, I researched all of the land owned by my ancestor and could not find any land owned in section 29.  James owned two sections of land in section 28 (registered 09/1835 and (10/1840) for a total of 120 acres), 33 (40 acres-1837), 34 (80 acres) and 36 (40 acres) totaling 280 acres for all four parcels.  He gave 80 acres to my Great–grandfather Edward Ralph Crabb, Sr. (1815-1890) his son.  The first person buried in the cemetery was an infant son, born to James and Margret Crabb, who died during birth on June 6, 1834.  I have a photo of the child’s headstone which documents his death which appears to have happened over a year before James owned the land in Section 28. 

My question: Do you have any documentation for the ownership of the land in section 29 in 1834? I have two different section maps which support the above information but neither is dated. I found another purchase for a James Crabb in section 2 for 83 ¼ acres but I am not certain of this purchase as it is in Clay county.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,

Barb DeMarco (nee Crabb)
3154 Olympic Blvd. W.
University Place, WA

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