Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How to Commemorate Your Indiana Civil War Ancestor

Did you know that the Indiana Genealogical Society offers a way for your to commemorate your Indiana ancestors who fought in the Civil War?

The Society of Civil War Families of Indiana is open to any IGS member who descends from someone who fought in an Indiana unit or who lived in Indiana when he enlisted in a unit from another state.

Members of SCWFI are recognized at the IGS annual conference, receive a certificate, and have their application and documentation placed on file at the Allen County Public Library. That makes applying to SCWFI a great way to not only commemorate your ancestor, but also preserve your research for future generations!

What Do You Need to Prove

You need to document the connection of each generation from you back to the Civil War ancestor. You also need to prove his (or her) service.

You can find the Rules of Evidence, which outline what is and isn't acceptable evidence, on the IGS website.

Deadline for Applying

Applications are due December 31 for induction at the next year's IGS conference. Applicants are advised to apply early to allow time to obtain additional documentation, if needed.

Apply Today

You can get more details about SCWFI and the application form at


  1. 15 May 2019 - How do you become a member of IGS if you do not live in Indiana, but have most all family lived in Indiana, including Civil War veterans?

    1. Anyone can become a member of IGS! On the Membership page, you can join online or print out a membership form: We hope to see you soon!

  2. My Civil War hero is General John H Morgan.