Monday, March 18, 2019

Query: Mateus Maryak, Lake or Vigo Counties

           This is a long shot for sure.  My grandfather Mateusz Mariak in Poland, and Mateus Maryak when he came to the United States, arrived here in 1907 and lived for some time in Philadelphia 

            A story from my grandfather and uncle identifies that Mateus went to Gary, Indiana, or Terre Haute, Indiana, and became partners in either a haberdashery or Dry Goods store (on a corner lot in Gary per my grandmother). 

            Are there any resources that might indicate some type of business ownership approximately between 1907 and 1917?  By 1920 he was already living again in Pennsylvania.  Thanks in advance.

Gerard Maryak

970 Fifth Street

North Huntingdon, PA 15642

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  1. Gerard -- Ancestry has digitized some city directories for both places. Also, deed records might contain relevant clues . . . if he bought anything and if the purchase was recorded. Good luck!