Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Query: Lester Driggers, Vanderburgh County

                 I am presently researching the fate of the 40 heavy bomber crews of the 8th USAAF who did not return to their bases in England after their mission over Germany on June 21, 1944. My aim is to write a book about these men; my third about the war in the air over Europe 1940-1945. You can check my credentials by visiting the Amazon web site under my name.

             2Lt. Lester R. Driggers was the co-pilot aboard a B-17 bomber of the 351st Bomb Group. Their target on that day was Berlin, Germany. The bomber was having engine trouble after bombs away and the pilot headed for neutral Sweden where they safely landed at Bulltofta air field. The whole crew was interned.

            In 1944, Lester R. Driggers’ parents lived in Evansville, Indiana. Unfortunately, I have no other details. As I would very much like to include Lester’s story in my new book, I seek contact with him or with members of his family who may still be living in Evansville, Indiana. I hope that you can help me in my search.

            Your kind assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

John Meurs

Nauenstrasse 24d

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  1. Lester is my grandfather. I tried to email the book author, but the Mail delivery failed. I can be contacted at reed AT reedmedia DOT net.