Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Benton County Historical Society Receives Scanning Kit

Last week IGS placed scanning kit #33 with the Benton County Historical Society
at their headquarters in Fowler, Indiana.
Rose Vanderwall (L) and Leslie Brost (R) of BCHS check out their new IGS kit, as demonstrated by Ron Darrah.
The Society has an historical house museum in Fowler that contains an amazing collection of Benton County history and genealogy. As a unique for-instance, the jug below was a traveling trophy between the schools of Gilboa and Wadena (neither of which are in existence now) for the years 1936-1944.  
Benton County's version of the "Old Oaken Bucket"

If you have Benton County ancestry or just wish to visit (or volunteer!), contact BCHS below:
You may contact BCHS at benton.historic@att.net. 

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