Monday, October 23, 2017

Query: Adoption, 1926, Forrest Bales and Jeanette Pein

               How do I find a name of a child adopted in 1926. It is very important that we find the name of the child prior to his adoption This is in regards to my father. His mother/father that adopted him were Forrest Orval Bales and Jeanette Pein. 

               This is all the information I have on my father, but his mother, who I believe lost custody, was Viola Willoughby or Wade; she had many last names. She was not one who could truly be followed because of the names and so many changes in her birth year, but a census taken in the 30's shows that she was born in 1908.

               I pray you can help. She may have used a false name for the birth father.

Dr. Joan Lademan


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