Sunday, February 14, 2016

Query: Frank Samuel Weaver, Grant County

I am looking for the birth record of a great, great uncle, whose death certificate says that he was born in Grant (Co?), Indiana, on July 7, 1881.  His name is Frank Samuel (or Samuel Frank) Weaver. He says father’s name is Nelson.

I have searched and cannot locate a Nelson as father (possibly middle name??) and/or birth record for Frank. He died in Alliance, Ohio, July 27, 1949. His mother's name is Bell/or Isabelle (Patterson)Weaver from Virginia. Says father is from North Carolina. Is it possible that he was born at the Weaver settlement, Liberty Township, Grant County?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If cost involved, please inform. Thank you.

Deborah Jamerson
2604 Caprice Ave N.W. Apt. 7
Canton, Ohio 44709

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  1. Deborah -- Unfortunately, Indiana didn't start keeping birth records until 1882. Frank's death certificate (shown on shows his birth place as Gary, Indiana, rather than Grant County. Gary is in Lake County.

    Have you looked for Frank in the 1900 census? He would only be 18 or 19; he might be living with relatives.