Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Query: Seeking Images of 137th Indiana & 100-day Regiments

I'm hoping to find out if someone can point me to any media that would illustrate the flags, uniforms, insignia, etc., of the Indiana 100-day regiments - photos of originals, reproduction items, etc.

My third-great-grandfather (Samson Thomas) was a Private in Co. D of the 137th, and I would like to be able to display his discharge certificate with some images that would demonstrate specific context of his service.

I haven't had much luck finding any photos or images online for the 137th, or for many of the 100-day regiments, and I'm hoping that someone with more detailed knowledge of Indiana's Civil War history might be able to help me.

Much thanks for your time. :)

Scott Thomas


  1. You might search for photos associated with other members of the same regiment.

    "Bruce Carr, candidate for auditor, is of Irish parentage. He was born in Orange county, May 12, 1840; joined the army on reaching the age of fifteen, in the One-hundred-and-Thirty-seventh regiment, which was enlisted for one hundred days. After returning from the service he attended the state university. He is prominent in the Masonic order, having been grand master of the state. He is engaged in business. Personally, he is very popular, and two years ago made a good race for the office for which he has now been renominated." (Indianapolis News, 3 September 1886, page 4, )

  2. County Treasurer Dead. Special to the Indianapolis Journal. Rockville, Ind., Dec 27. James M. Dinwiddie, county treasurer, died at his home on York street, yesterday evening. His funeral will take place Sunday. He entered the treasurer's office as deputy In 1879. and served in that capacity up to 1888. Then he was elected to the office by a majority of 600. At the last election he was re-elected to succeed himself. He enlisted from Parke county when only fourteen years old and joined the One-hundred-and-thirty-seventh Regiment. He was about forty years of age, and leaves a wife and daughter. (Indianapolis Journal, 28 December 1890, page 5, )

  3. Born Easter Sunday and Buried on Easter Sunday [Special to The Indianapolis News] WASHINGTON. Ind. April 24—Paul Golliher, age seventy-one, a civil war veteran and farmer, died of cancer of the stomach Saturday. Mr. Golliher was one of twenty-one children born to Mr. and Mrs. William Golliher, all of whom, are dead except one sister, who lives at Bicknell. Mr. Golliher was born on Easter Sunday. His first marriage was celebrated on Easter Sunday and he was buried on Easter Sunday. At the outbreak of the civil war, Mr. Golliher, with five brothers, enlisted in the Union army, although their home was in Tennessee. Golliher was the only one who returned from the war, his five brothers being killed. Mr. Golliher saw service in the Twenty-seventh regiment of Tennessee volunteers and with the One-hundred-and-thirty-seventh Indiana. He is survived by eight children. (Indianapolis News, 24 April 1916, page 11, )

  4. From the research I've done, I believe Valentine Stoner was born in Lancaster PA. 1760 to 1770? Rev War soldier? He migrated to Botetourt Co. KY, later Woodford Co. Married Rosanna Stucker 1780's in Woodford Co. KY. Moved to Clark Co. IN (Bethlehem) 1802. I am descended from his son Daniel.

  5. Any info. on Valentine will be appreciated!!