Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Query: Claumer Bosse, Marion County

                The Department of Natural Resources was contacted recently by the Franklin Township Historical Society in Marion County with a little problem:

                “A few weeks ago, some friends of mine, who live at 6110 South Franklin Road in Franklin Township, Marion County, were digging in their backyard when they struck something hard. They decided to dig it up to see what it is and it turned out to be the top half of a headstone. The person's name was Claumer Bosse and he/she was born in 1805 and died in 1871. 
                They contacted us at the Franklin Township Historical Society, and we now have possession of the headstone at our meeting house.  As a member of the Society, I know that the “Bosse” last name is not known to the township, but just to make sure, we checked our “Called Home” book and didn’t find this person listed there.  
                In addition, we have no record of a cemetery ever being on this property.   I also checked Find-A- Grave and couldn’t find anything there, either.  Then I contacted the Indiana State Library to have them check their records, and they couldn’t find any record of this person, either, so they referred me to you.  We think this headstone may have been the victim of vandals.
                So my question is, do you have any record of a Claumer Bosse in any of your cemetery records? Any help you can give us on finding out where this headstone came from would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.”

 If you have any knowledge of this individual or this burial, contact:
Jeannie Regan-Dinius
Director of Special Initiatives
402 West Washington Street, W274
Indianapolis, IN  46204


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