Sunday, May 25, 2014

Query: Adoptee Barbara/Billie Sue, Sullivan County

 If possible, I would like to learn who my birth family was and about their genealogy. I know this unlikely.
            I was born at Union Hospital on December 29, 1956. When my adoptive family took me home, the hospital accidentally sent a pill bottle with my birth name on it. My adoptive family disclosed the first name to me; my birth mother had named me Barbara. Unfortunately, they did not tell me my birth last name.  

            My birth mother was from the Sullivan County area.  She was supposedly in college at ISU when she became pregnant with me. I was told her parents were farmers near Farmersburg. 

            My adoptive name was Billie Sue Rogers.  I was raised in West Terre Haute, Indiana.  I graduated from West Vigo High School and then Indiana State University.
            Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

Billie Sue Rogers Callahan
4970 Moddison Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95819

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  1. I found my birth father’s family through 23&Me and my birth mother’s family when Indiana finally opened adoption records.