Sunday, February 2, 2014

Query: Photo of Theater Owner Clyde Vinson Wilson

              I would very much like to have a photograph of Clyde Vinson Wilson. He was born 1892 in Starke County, probably near Ober. He lost his entire right arm and part of his left hand in a Nickel Plate train accident on Dec 20, 1912, at age 20. He used the settlement money to buy movie theaters. He was in Argos in 1914, but I don't have the name of his theater there.
                In Rochester, between 1916 and 1922, he owned and managed the Kai Gee and the Paramount theaters. Then he went to Tipton in 1922 and owned the Martz theater there. It burned down in 1929 and he rebuilt, calling the new theater "New Ritz". In 1935 he's now living in Alexandria and runs the movie theater there, but I've not found the name of it anywhere. He died in Manatee, Florida, in 1968.
                I have a lot of information about him and his theaters, but what I am lacking is a photograph of him. I would be greatly appreciative;  I feel a special kinship to him, as he's a great grand uncle on my mother's side.
   [IGS Note: Above locations were in Starke, Marshall, Fulton, Madison, and Tipton Counties.]

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