Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wanted: IGS Grants Chair

             The Indiana Genealogical Society is in need of a volunteer
to service the Grants Project.
                The Grants Chair receives grant applications each year,
normally about 8-12 applications during November and December.
The Chair will review these applications, insure that they meet the
Grants Project guidelines, work with submitting groups to resolve
problems, prepare a summary list, and deliver the list to the IGS
Board of Directors at the first meeting of the next year, usually in
February. This submission may be done electronically.
                The Chair will answer Board questions, if any, and notify
submitting groups following the meeting about both winning and
non-winning applications.
                The Chair will attend the IGS Conference (optional),
announce the winners during the Annual Meeting and present the
three checks to those groups. Some checks may need to be mailed.
                Estimated time required for the Grants position is 20-25
hours per year, and the position does not require Indiana residency.
Training will be provided by the previous Chair.
                Interested volunteers should visit the IGS website and contact
the Society President.

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