Friday, November 21, 2008

Marriage Indexing: Roll of Honor

We are indexing Indiana marriage records in preparation for putting the digital images online for researchers to access. Congratulations to all who are helping with this project and a special thank you to the following Roll of Honor indexers and arbitrators for their contributions:

Over 20,000 Records Indexed
Harold Martin of Melbourne, Florida
Sheryl Porter of Monmouth, Illinois
Robert E. Van Lue of Rochester, Indiana
Jane Chamberlain of Bloomfield, IndianaBea
Barton of Washington, Utah
Clara J. Whan of Avilla, Indiana

Over 10,000 Records Indexed
Don Sylvester of Sanford, North Carolina
Teresa Taramasso of Graham, Texas
Michelle Golden of Roy, Washington
Linda Harney of Huntington, Indiana
Darlene Shuart of Monroe, Washington
Justina Cook of Nampa, Idaho
Mary Sallee of Mesa, Arizona
Carolyn Lowe of Knoxville, Tennessee
Barbara Scott of Sunnyvale, California
William Stevens of West Point, Utah
Judy Vanaugh of Poland, Ohio

Over 5,000 Records Indexed
Patricia Hodges of Stacy, Minnesota
Cindy Fuller of West Lafayette, Indiana
Robert McKillip of Rock Mount, Virginia
Evelyn D. City of Clinton, Indiana
Walter Caplinger of Kansas City, Missouri
Mary Stewart of Muncie, Indiana
Sandra Wincek of New Berlin, Wisconsin
Ronald R. Hall of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Karen Creamer of Connersville, Indiana
Martha Roll of Rockford, Illinois
Bob Nau of Golden, Colorado
Deborah Rex of Brea, California
Nancy Lee White of Patriot, Indiana
Yvonne L. Strong of East Wenatchee, Washington
Kathleen Banner of Heyburn, Idaho

Over 50,000 Records Arbitrated
Clara J. Whan of Avilla, Indiana
Dan Elliott of Mount Vernon, Indiana

Over 20,000 Records Arbitrated
Nancy Brower of Oroville, California

Over 10,000 Records Arbitrated
Bernie Cinkoske of Indianapolis, Indiana
Ronald Chard of Ocala, Florida
Justina Cook of Nampa, Idaho
Larry Munden of Houston, Texas
Lori White of Windsor, Colorado

Over 5,000 Records Arbitrated
Michelle Golden of Roy, Washington
Ann C. Richardson of Woods Cross, Utah
Robert McKillip of Rock Mount, Virginia
Jennifer Cruse of Terre Haute, Indiana

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