Friday, August 8, 2008

Scottish and Lithuanian Research Program in Fort Wayne

The Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana will meet on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm in Meeting Room A of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne. Jeanne Stump will present a program on doing research in Scotland and Lithuania. Stump is a Certified Genealogist, a Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and a volunteer with the Lithuanian Global Genealogy Society. The meeting is open to the public and gathering time begins at 6:30 pm.


  1. Hello,
    are the two nations being researched as separate entities, or are you looking into the joint history of the two? I'm a writer/comedian/radio broadcaster in Scotland who's visited Kedainiai (also known as Keidan) in Lithuania which 300 years ago had a significant Scottish population. Currently trying to put together enough info to get some interest in a documentary on the subject. I'd be interested to see any info that you managed to dig up.


  2. This program is more of a case study of my search for Lithuanian ancestors. It will be applied to general European research, both online and on site. Jeanne