Friday, February 15, 2008

Query: Eckhard of DeKalb County

I am looking for any information or connection to my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Henry Eckhard (also spelled Eckhart or Eckhardt) who owned 80 acrees of farm land in Franklin Township, DeKalb County, Indiana around 1850-1860. He died August 17, 1853, but his family--widow Barbara, son John and daughter Martha--is still there in the 1860 census. Henry's son George Eckhard (Eckhart) (Eckhardt) is my great-great-great-grandfather, and was a preacher on horseback and a pastor in the German Methodist Church. The entire family was devoted to the church, and particularly the German Methodist. George's cousin was the Charles Eckhart who began the Eckhart Carriage Co. (which later became the Auburn Car Co.).

Tom Eckhardt
1026 N. Parkside Dr.
Peoria, IL 61606

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