Saturday, January 11, 2014

Query: Hezekiah Stout Denham/Dennam, Harrison County

                 LOOKING FOR THE VIRGINIA PARENTS OF HEZEKIAH STOUT DENHAM/DENNAM, b. 1802 TN--d. 1886 IA, and his unknown brother, the children of Unknown parents of VA.
                Hezekiah married, 24/30 June, 1824, Harrison Co., IN, to Winney (Little/Littell), b. 1 Jan 1803 Georgia, d. 1863 IA, the daughter of Reuben & Elizabeth (Covington/Ghormley) Little/Littell, of VA.
                HSD and Winney had at least seven children: First, Unknown daughter, 1825-1828 IN;
Penelope Jane (MacDonald/Little)Dennis; Ursula Mellon Wells; William Jasper Denham: Reuben M(Maxwell/Morris/Morse) Denham, 1837 IA-1895 ND; Obe(a)diah E.(Elliott/Emmett) Denham, 1839.    HSD saw his brother in 1866, while living in Wabasha Co., Lake City, MN, and across the Mississippi River, in Pierce or St. Croix, WI, in Hudson.
                If you are searching for a family member, I will check your names in my books and pass it along, too. Thank you for helping.

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