Monday, February 8, 2016

FOUND: Photo of William Leonidus STOKES (1873-1935) family - Elwood, Madison County, Indiana

Shelley Cardiel ( has found this photo, identified as being Lee STOKES, his wife Eva (DEAN) Stokes, and their infant daughter, Mary Adeline (Stokes) STOUT. It was taken in the early 1900's in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.

Limited research has found that William Leonidus "Lee" Stokes (born February 1873; died 3 November 1935 in Madison County; buried in Elwood Cemetery) was the son of Andrew H. Stokes (1831-1904) and Mary Ann THOMPSON (born 1839). Lee Stokes married Eva Mae Dean (born 1872 or 1873 in Grant County, Indiana) - she was the daughter of Zachariah Thomas Dean (1850-1915) and Sarah Lucinda MYERS (born 1853 or 1854 in Rush County, Indiana).

Lee Stokes and Eva Mae Dean's daughter, Mary Adeline Stokes, was born in December 1899 in Elwood and married Edward Earl Asa Stout (1897-1935).

If you are a descendant of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact her.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Query: John Henry Johnson, Indiana

John Henry Johnson was born in Indiana on Aug. 17, 1862.  I do not know in which county he was born.  Am seeking information on his parents.  I know his mother was Sarah Belle and at some time she was married to Kyle or Lyle Holcomb.  I want to know his father's name. 
I also need to know if and when John changed his last name to Johnson, as I've heard from older family members. I am also confused as to whether or not he had any full or half siblings. Any information you can give me would be most appreciated.

Patricia (Johnson) Van Wyk
404 E. 19th St. S.
Newton, IA 50208-4139

Query: Nancy/Maria O'Donnell, Michigan City, IN

 The Oct 8, 1873 issue of the Delphi Journal newspaper (digitized and online) has a small article stating that the body of my 3x great grandmother, whose name was Nancy/Maria O'Donnell, was found "in the river" in Michigan City, IN, sometime during the last week of September 1873.
Foul play was suspected given the injuries to her head and neck. My 2x great grandfather, Ferdinand Brechtel, was at the inquest. I've not been able to find anything more about her, what happened to cause her death, or where she was both or buried. This has been a 5-year brick wall for me. 
I've had no luck in LaPorte County or Michigan City, IN, with libraries, courts, etc. Would Court of Common Pleas have info on death inquests?
No one I've talked to can find any court or coroner records that go that far back. Any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. I've searched Hoosier State Chronicles, Chronicling America and diligently and can't find anything more. 

Thank you!

Denise Brennan

Monday, February 1, 2016

Can Your Society Use A Camera?

    The Indiana Genealogical Society has a surplus digital camera that it would like to give to an Indiana county genealogical society. This is a former project camera that IGS no longer uses.
    The unit is a Canon PowerShot SX1is 10 megapixel camera 20x optical zoom model with an 8GB SDHC card. It has both a visual and a digital viewfinder. It uses 4 AA batteries, either standard or rechargeable.
    Several of these cameras are listed on eBay in the $150-200 range. This one is available to you at no charge. If your society can use this camera for genealogy, email a request to IGS Corresponding Secretary Ron Darrah at by February 12.
    If more than one society requests the camera, we will draw names out of a bowl to determine the winner. IGS will pay for shipping. Good luck to your society!


Friday, January 29, 2016

Query: Katie Louise Smith-Relias, Mishawaka, IN


Dorris  Smith
1805 No. Williams
Angola, IN 46703