Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Librarians Can Earn LEUs at IGS Events

Attention Indiana librarians! You can earn LEUs at both the IGS Annual Conference on April 8 and the Society Management Seminar on April 7.

The IGS Annual Conference will be held Saturday, April 8 at the Indianapolis Public Library, 40 E. St. Clair St. Featured speaker Tony Burroughs will discuss:
  • Digital Research of African-Americans
  • Off the Beaten Path: Unusual Sources for Research
  • Freedmen's Bureau Research
  • Creating Order Out of Chaos
In addition, Tina Lyons, Ron Darrah, and Mauri Stotts Pratt will present on using County Commissioner records, Indianapolis Public School records, and hidden treasures in Midwestern archives.

The IGS Society Management Seminar will be held Friday, April 7 at the Indiana Historical Society, 450 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis. Topics include:
  • Planning Your Digitization Project: Things to Know Before You Scan, with Connie Redfield, Digital Initiatives Librarian at the Indiana State Library
  • Panel Discussion: Local Digitization Projects
  • Preservation of Archival Records and Special Collections, with Ramona Duncan-Huse of the Indiana Historial Society
  • What Goes Up? Choosing What to Put Online, with Susan Sutton of the Indiana Historical Society
  • Tour of the IHS Conservation Lab and the William H. Smith Memorial Library. 

You can register online on the IGS website. (That page also has an option to print out and mail in a registration form.)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Query: Lawrence County School Buildings

The Genealogical Society of Marion County would like to identify these two Lawrence County schools. We suspect they are in Guthrie Township. Anyone know?

Ron Darrah, GSMC

Query: Aaron Claypool, Indiana

            My 3rd great grandfather was born in Ohio and ended up in IA via MO. I'm trying to find information that would show his transit through Indiana and Illinois, and Missouri to Iowa. There aren't any records in census for Indiana that shows him in Indiana.

            Is there a group I can contact that may have a dialog about the exodus of Ohioans at the start of the civil war moving away from Ohio?

            Aaron Claypool; Born 26 Feb 1837 • Eden, Licking, OH; Died 20 May 1882 • Hopeville, Doyle Twp., Clarke Co., IA. His wife was Mary E. Morehouse (b1838–d1908)

            Aaron enlisted in the "Nodaway Home Guard Volunteers" in Nodaway, MO, in 5 July 1861, and was relieved on 2 October 1861. My assumption is they had a daughter in the gap, and he went home to run the farm since the war wasn’t so hot at that time in those parts of the country.

            I’m thinking the Homestead Act of 1861 may have been a reason they left Ohio and headed west plus his brother had slaves in Ohio and that split the family. SLave holders went to KY. Records show Birth of Son James Steven (Stephen) Claypool(1863–1950)10 OCT 1863 • Morrisville, Polk, Missouri, USA. SO he was still in MO until then. 

            Then Aaron had a son William Frances Claypool (1869–1929) 29 Nov 1869 • Clarke Co., IA. SO they were in IA by 1869. I assume they stayed in MO until then, as the Homestead Act called for 5 years in one location. I haven’t found any Homestead land documents as yet. Thanks.

 William Claypool

1088 S Manzanita Ave

Palm Springs, CA

Query: Frederick Kysar, Jennings County

            Looking for Proofs - Frederick KYSAR (b. 1761, Berks Co, PA; d. aft. Jan. 20, 1841, Jennings Co, IN) & Descendants    (Kysar, Kyser, Keiser, Kizer, Kiser, Keyser, Kayser, etc.)

            I am researching my 4th great-grandfather, Frederick Kysar (many spelling variations of his last name; b. 1761, Berks Co, PA; d. aft. Jan. 20, 1841, Jennings Co, IN) & his descendants. My mother, Kathy (KYSAR) Howard wrote the "Kysar Kin" book. I am in the process of applying to the DAR, & the only evidence I am needing is to prove the "family connection"; needing documents to prove the father/child relationship between Frederick & his son, Samuel (my direct line); but I would also like to prove father/child relationship with all of the other children as well.

            He & his wife Mary Ann/Meriba (Cornwall/Cornell) had 10 children: Solomon, William, John, Thomas Russell, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Samuel, Jacob, Frederick Jr., & Sarah. Frederick was born/lived in Berks Co PA; moved to MD; married in Jefferson Co KY, lived in Henry Co & Fayette Co, KY; & lived/died in Jennings Co, IN.

            If you have or know anyone that has any info or documents/records, old family bible records, old family letters, birth/marr/death records, obituaries, old family photos, newspaper articles, church records, cemetery/burial records - please contact me at

 Solomon (wife- Sarah/Sally Stucker)

William (wife - Sarah/Sally/Polly Hopkins)

John (unknown if marr.; may have died as young adult)

Thomas Russell (2 wives: Rebecca Hopkins & Hannah Hall)

Elizabeth (was kidnapped abt. age of 3 by Indians, maybe in/near Henry Co, KY; marr. a Native Amer. Indian)

Phoebe/Phebe (husb.- William H. Hopkins)

Samuel (wife- Rebecca Arbuckle)

Jacob (wife- Mary/Polly Hendrix)

Frederick Jr. (wife - Jane Cobb; her 2nd husb. - Stephen Patch)

Sarah (never married)

 Eileen Cox

3212 SW Atwood Ave.

Topeka, KS  66614

Query: Vera May Hoffman, Allen County

            How do I find the genealogy of my Grandmother's family? Her married name was Vera May Hoffman. They lived at 15404 Hoffman Rd. Monroeville, Allen County, IN. I believe her foster name was Hockemeyer, but I am not positive. I know she was a nurse before she got sick and maybe went to Lutheran Hospital for school. I have her nursing coat.

             From what I know, she was born in 1916 and died in 1972. She had schizophrenia, but I don't think she was ever instatutionalized. I just remember my mother showing me a little wooden shack she lived in with her foster family, and that she thought she might have been Jewish.

            Any direction you can give would be appreciated. Thank you,

Kendra Sprague

4224 N Fillmore St

Beverly Hills FL 34465