Friday, April 12, 2019

Query: Anna M. Springman, Oldenburg and Muncie, Indiana

            I am searching for information on the Springman family who migrated to Oldenburg, Indiana from Bavaria. I would like to find information starting with Anna M. Springman (Yohler married name) Born: 8/6/1881 Oldenburg, In and died 10/22/1975 in Muncie, Indiana.

            I have located an obituary but would like to learn more. I'm researching for my Grandfather, and he just learned that Anna is his Grandmother on his biological father's side of the family.

            Please let me know if you have any tips or advice and if you are able to assist in our search. We are very grateful for your time and consideration! Thank you. 

Jen Ellison

Query: Harry William Osborn (Busick), Franklin County

            Re:  Harry William Osborn  (Harry William Busick)  birth/adoption  (Born September 10, 1888)

            Harry William Osborn who was the father of my favorite uncle, Norbert G. Osborn who told  me that he didn’t know anything about his father’s side of the family since his Dad had been adopted.

            My uncle died many years ago, but with his son’s encouragement, I am searching to find out who exactly were Harry William’s birth parents and who were his adoptive parents.  It appears from the records, that Harry William could have been born in either Franklin County, Indiana or Franklin County, Ohio.

            To find the truth about Harry William, I want to hire a genealogist expert in handling Harry William’s situation who knows how to research adoption records.  Do you know genealogists who may be interested in helping find the truth about Harry William?

            If you know genealogists who would be willing to pursue this line of inquiry, please let me know.  If you know approximately the amount of charges, I would like to hear that as well.

            If you need more information, please let me know.  I appreciate your taking time to read and consider my request.

Sandra Henselmeier Funk

Indianapolis, Indiana

Query: Seeking Ford, Indiana

            I have found some ancestors who were born in Ford, Indiana. I cannot find any information on such a place. Do you have information on this town? I will appreciate any information that you can give me. Sincerely,

Barbara Collingwood Pruitt

2118 North Wilmar Drive

Quincy, Illinois  62301

Query: Female Workers, WW2, Hammond, Indiana

            My mother worked in one of the factories during WW2 in Hammond, Indiana. She was the first woman overhead crane operator. Do you have any information on this.

Luzetta Catherine Pettet

2118 North Wilmar Drive

Quincy, Illinois 62301


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Today St. Louis, Tomorrow Indiana?

The below article was posted Tuesday by Dick Eastman on his EOGN newsletter. I immediately pictured the Indiana State Archives being featured in a similar article in the near future. Since the Archives collection is in a rickety building at the far end of its service life, which was never intended to be a secure archival structure, a fire at that location would be a disaster beyond imagining. Do you think the Indiana Legislature ever reads the fire statistics? Do you think the legislators can add 2 + 2?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Query: Mateus Maryak, Lake or Vigo Counties

           This is a long shot for sure.  My grandfather Mateusz Mariak in Poland, and Mateus Maryak when he came to the United States, arrived here in 1907 and lived for some time in Philadelphia 

            A story from my grandfather and uncle identifies that Mateus went to Gary, Indiana, or Terre Haute, Indiana, and became partners in either a haberdashery or Dry Goods store (on a corner lot in Gary per my grandmother). 

            Are there any resources that might indicate some type of business ownership approximately between 1907 and 1917?  By 1920 he was already living again in Pennsylvania.  Thanks in advance.

Gerard Maryak

970 Fifth Street

North Huntingdon, PA 15642

Query: George F. Miller, Decatur County

            Hi,  Do you have a collection of obituaries?  Or do you know where I might find one for George F Miller who died in 1929 in Greensburg (Decatur County)? Thanks for your help.

Andrea Betts

Sequim, WA>

Query: Susan/Susannah Gilaspy/Gillespie, Clay County

            I am trying to locate records regarding my four times great-grandmother Susan or Susannah Austin Gilaspy (Gillespie).  She died in Clay County, Indiana in 1880, but I have not been able to locate a death record for her. 

            I am trying to establish that her parents are Hannah Doty Austin and Aaron Austin.  Thank you!

Denise Gillespie Blair

1783 Bay Leaf Drive

Saratoga Springs, UT, 84045

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Query: John Davis/Catherine Whitesel, Randolph County

     I am looking for John Davis, born 1840-1846 in Ohio; married Catherine Whitesel in 1881 in Randolph County, Indiana. They had a son Franklin T. Davis, born 1884 in Jackson Township, Randolph County.


5764 W Caffey Ln

Homosassa, FL 34446

Query: Joseph & Ann Baylie, Lawrence County

            Joseph Baylie, my third Great Grandfather; born abt 1827 in Switzerland. Arrived in 1848 from Glasgow, Scotland; 1850 U S Census lived in Davidson County, Tennessee; 1880 U S Census Lived in Mitchell, Lawrence, Indiana. He was a confectionary (Baker).

            He had a daughter Sarah Ann Baylie, born 5 Mar 1862 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee. (My Great Grand Mother)

            She was married at the home of Joseph and Ann Baylie in Mitchell, Lawrence, Indiana, on 3 Aug 1886, to Charles Hyde Webster, my Great Grandfather. This is the last record of Joseph & Ann Baylie. They didn't appear in the 1900 census.

            I'm looking for any assistance to locate any information about their deaths.  I'm not sure how to collect land deed records. I would appreciate any guidance you could provide. Thanks

Charles K Webster

Postal Address: 13017 Fencerow Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76244-8103

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bible Question From The Kokomo Library

[Anyone have a good answer for Amy Russell in Kokomo?]      

      We offer a service of scanning family Bible genealogy pages for anyone who brings one in.  We ask if we can post their information publicly on our Howard County Memory Project.  Occasionally, someone will *gift* us with Bibles.  This is beginning to become a storage problem.  If the book itself has no historical value, with the exception of the family pages, is there a respectful way to get rid of the book? 

            I know this is a very touchy issue because I have tried to get an answer on disposing of Bibles with mold (in my personal collection).  I have been told that the books can be burned in the same manner a flag would be burned.  I have also been told to bury the books. 

            So, what do I do with the Bibles gifted to us and taking up space in storage? (After we *harvest* all the genealogically significant information.)

            Thanks for your insight,

Amy Russell

Head, Genealogy & Local History Dept

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

220 N. Union St. Kokomo, IN 46901


Know Any Jewish Civil War Soldiers?

[We received this email about a Civil War demographic not usually mentioned. Pertain to your family?]
Good Morning,

        My name is Eliza Kolander, and I am writing to you on behalf of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation, with regards to our Roster Project, a comprehensive database of Jewish-American soldiers and sailors who fought in the Civil War for both the Union and the Confederacy. Our starting point was Simon Wolf’s 1895 The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier and Citizen, and over the last decade, we’ve verified the names he included as Jewish or not, identified their accurate military service, and added more than a thousand soldiers that Wolf omitted.

        The result of more than 25,000 hours of research, we are convinced that the Shapell Roster will be of interest to academic scholars, descendants, and anyone interested in Jewish American history. We hope to engage the public with primary source material--the human side of history--while significantly modifying the scholarship on Jews in America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

        Based on your mission, I thought that your organization might be interested in this project, which we hope to make available to the public for the first time in 2019. Our searchable database, which will be free to the public, will go live with a limited set of records. As we complete additional research, more records will become available. We are so excited, and hope institutions like yours will be, as well.

        Through my communication with you, I hope to connect with

  • descendants whose ancestors served during the American Civil War and/or
  • organizations and institutions with information and sources relating to Jewish-American Civil War Soldiers. 
  • If you have any thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Eliza Kolander

Shapell Roster Project

Shapell Manuscript Foundation

Monday, February 11, 2019

Query: John A. Williamson, Marion County

      I am writing a family history of John A. Williamson, B. 1841, Kentucky. He is listed with his wife Susan on the 1880 census living on Brookside Avenue, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.      
      They had 4 children, Annie A., Clara B., Ida M. (my husband's grandmother), and Bertha. I am interested in adding to the historical perspective of Indiana's pioneer families by publishing my research.

      Any sources interested in publishing histories of pioneer families that you can direct me to in Indiana would be most helpful. Thank you!

Dorothy Seehausen

366 West St. Joseph St. #14

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Have A Civil War Pension File Stashed Away?

If you are like hundreds of Indiana genealogists, sometime in the past you have ordered a Civil War Pension file from the National Archives for an ancestor of yours. After you squeezed all your family info out of it, did you put it away in an envelope or folder and never looked at it again? Yeah, me, too.
How would you like to share that file (that probably cost you a mint!) and help other researchers working on their relatives? You might even discover a relative yourself.
IGS recommends that you dig out that dusty file and send it--original, printed copy, or digital file--to the Allen County Public Library, so they can put it on the below page of their website.
Go to, then tab Databases, tab Free Databases, tab Our Military Heritage. See "Share Materials" at the bottom right? Select that link and follow the directions. Easy as pie and thankyouverymuch!
                               [ACPL says 300 dpi TIFF images work the best.]

[Actually, you can share all kinds of military records here; spend a little time looking around and see what you might have that someone else could use. Maybe there's even something that you can use!!]

Sunday, January 27, 2019

State Archives WW1 Project: Work From Home!

If you have a few spare hours and want to increase Indiana's World War One online resources, go to and sign up to work from home at your own pace. Did your ancestor march and sing "It's A Long Way To Tipperary?"

Monday, January 21, 2019

Query: Harold Boak, 37th Infantry, WW1 (Indianapolis)


            I met a veteran and his wife in 1979 and 1984 in my hometown Tielt, Belgium. Four years occupied by the German HQ 4OAK Oct 1914-Oct 1918.The 37th Division entered Tielt in Oct 28 1918. Harold Boak was here at 11 Nov 1918. The first gas attacks were ordered from Tielt in 1915.

            I adopted a grave of Capt.  Erb in 2014. Mr. Timman, genealogist from Newark, helped me; also Donna Work from Norwalk. Corey Stewart from the National Archives helped me too. I met her in Waregem near Flanders Field US WWI in 2016. I met also Jody Champagne in 2016.

            Harold Boak is on the left corner with a painting of the castle of Olsene he brought back in 1979. Fifteen American soldiers were buried in Tielt until June 6, 1919. Five among them lies at Flanders Field. Also E Bozenhart. I met regularly Jeff Cameron. His great uncle Ernest Bozenhart died in Tiet;  112th Sanitary Train.

            In 1979 I was just married and at that time I was not especially interested in WWI. In the last 5 years I met journalists to bring the activities of the 37th Div into their attention. They passed by Tielt and his region for the End Offensive from Oct 31, 1918.

            Now I  search for a picture of Harold Boak as a soldier. His files at the National Archives are damaged by water by a fire.

            Can you find the grandson of Harold? His son Jack died probably in 1990. His second wife Lora stayed sometimes by her family in Indianapolis. I have their letters from 1978 until 1990. Thank you very much. (at FB  0496965636walk. Donna?)

Godfried Claerhout

(retired postmaster)

Steenovenstraat 69

B8700 Tielt, Belgium

Query: Michael & Rebecca Healy, Clinton County

             Searching for death and burial record (of any kind) for Michael & Rebecca (Price) Healy @ 1866-1868 in Clinton County, Indiana, possibly Sugarcreek Township. Surviving minor son, Spencer, raised by guardian (Rebecca’s brother - William Price). Surviving minor daughter (Nora Christina) raised by another family, as recorded in 1870 census.

            Guardianship, marriage and land purchase documents found in Clinton County courthouse records.

Jack Healey

217 Meadow Run Loop

Foley, AL 36535

Thursday, January 10, 2019

IGS Scanner Training, Monday, Jan 14

Indiana Genealogical Society 

Scanner Training Session

Monday, January 14  10am to 2pm

Genealogical Society of Marion County Library

9370 E. Washington St, Indianapolis

Learn Archival-Quality Scanning Using Original Probate Records

RSVP By Sunday Evening to

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Query: Charles Murtain Babcock, Noble County

            I am trying to track down the parents of my great-grandfather, Charles Murtain Babcock. He was born in July 1852 in Noble County but, apparently, both of his parents died shortly thereafter.  

            According to “Portrait and Biographical Record of Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan, 1893:  "Charles M. Babcock was born July 17, 1852, in Noble County, Indiana, but . . .  The parents of Mr. Babcock died when he was a few weeks old, and then the helpless little one was given into the tender care of Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Harlow, who were to him as parents."

            According to “Counties of Whitley and Noble, Indiana: Historical and Biographical,” a Mr. Babcock was one of the first teachers at the school in Northport.  I'm wondering if he was Charles Murtain Babcock's father. I have no idea if he was married, however.

            Any assistance you can offer would be deeply appreciated.

Jim Martin-Schramm

Professor of Religion

Luther College

Decorah, IA  52101

(563) 387-1251 

Query: James/John Arbuckle, Rush/Bartholomew Counties

            Looking for records/documents proving "family connection" between father-JAMES ARBUCKLE (wife-Susannah Bland) & son-JOHN ARBUCKLE (wife- Margaret Mary Stucker). Any help in obtaining records stating father/son relationship would be greatly appreciated: church records, James's probate/will intestate & probate packet, land deeds, newspaper, etc.

            JAMES Arbuckle - b. abt. 1766 Augusta Co, VA; d. Jan. 1, 1845 Rush Co, IN; bur. Homer, Rush Co., IN- Hurst Cemetery.; (wife- Susannah Bland)

            JOHN Arbuckle- b. abt. 1791, Franklin Co, KY; d.  Nov. 26, 1853 Haw Creek, Bartholomew Co, IN; bur. Hartsville Bapt. Cemetery. (wife-Margaret Mary Stucker)

Eileen Cox

3212 SW Atwood Ave.

Topeka, KS  66614