Saturday, July 27, 2019

Indiana DNR Improves SHAARD Cemeteries Map

          The Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries map (IHBBC) is a great resource! This new map, which replaces the former SHAARD GIS map, is run by Esri and can be accessed online within the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology via the SHAARD Online Database link.

          Once you get to the SHAARD Database page, click on the Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries Map link. This will allow you to launch the app and the user can begin to explore the map.
          For returning users, this map has many new features and improvements to the old SHAARD GIS map. A User Guide is available and will be updated as new features and updates are added to the map.

          Contact Megan Copenhaver ( for specific questions or suggestions concerning the map. Thanks and happy searching!
SHAARD Map of Sullivan County

Click on the gray triangles for cemeteries

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