Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Query: STUCKEY/STUCKY School of Mt. Vernon

I have been attempting to obtain information/photos of a two-room grade school I attended from 1st thru 6th grades. The school was closed in 1958 when the students were transferred to Marrs Elementary about a quarter mile from where I lived and grew up.

The name of the school was Stuckey or Stucky. It was located in Mt Vernon, IN on Lower Mt.Vernon Road. My teachers were: 1st thru 4th grade Mrs. Mary Vivian Knofpmeier and 5th thru 6th grade Mr. Wallace Kramer. The school and land were purchased around 12 years ago and it was taken down for the new owners to build a homesite.

Any information/history/photos you may have or any information/references on how I can get them is more than appreciated. I am at a dead end.

Gerald Holder
1001 Ashford Chase Ct.
Macon, GA 31210

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