Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Query: SONGER/NEWCOMBE of Delaware County

I have this photo that was taken May 30, 1937 in Albany, Delaware County, Indiana of Walter Manford Songer and Martha Newcombe. They appeared to be a couple in love.  Walter died at the age of 19.  He was a basketball star and played in many areas around Albany, but I don’t think he lived there. Martha would be around 85 years old. I would like to give this picture to her and talk about some old times with her.

I would appreciate anyone's help in trying to locate Martha Newcombe.

Margaret Songer Sherman

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  1. Sorry,
    Martha Matilda Newcombe (Reed)died: Augest 22, 1982
    She was born in Muncie, Indiana Arpil 11, 1920.

    I would like to see the photo.. could you scan and email it?

    You and your uncle Walter are on my website

    David Songer