Saturday, October 10, 2009

Query: Adoption in Marion County

My dad was adopted in Marion County, Indiana around the time of his birth in 1920 and no one in the family knows much about his real birth mother and he never talked about what he might or might not have known.  He died in 1991, so my question is how do I go about finding these records? Thanks.

Dana Curts
Facilities Service Engineer, UCLA
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  1. hi I am adoptee from indiana and your dad was adopted in the time before 1941 so if you call the Indiana State Board of Health and speak with Mary Hinds at the Adoption Registry she should be able to help you access your dads records. You are allowed to have these as his daughter. Dont let her tell you otherwise. If you need help email me at

  2. Dana,
    You might check Indiana Code Title 31 Section 19 for adoption laws so you are
    ready to proceed.