Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marriage Indexing: Please Read!

Question: When there are two names or spellings of names, i.e., Henry or Heinrich [one on license and a different one on marriage confirmation], does an indexer use “or” or

Answer: Henry or Heinrich

Question: When there is an apostrophe, does an indexer use it? [i.e., OConnor OR O'Connor?]

Answer: O’Connor

Question: Is there a space in names such as McMinn OR Mc Minn; Van Horn OR VanHorn?

Answer: McMinn and Van Horn

Questions: Reminder there are 4 records per image. I think at least one indexer does not realize they can add another record to an image.

Answer: Go to TOOLS, RECORDS PER IMAGE, and set the number of records for an image before you start indexing a batch. Don’t forget to click APPLY TO ALL IMAGES before you click OK.

Question: Reminder to do the 4 records on the image 1st is upper left hand corner; 2nd is lower left hand corner; 3rd is upper right hand; and 4th is lower right hand. Some indexers are mixing these up.

Answer: Each image is a picture of two pages of a book. Index it in the same order in which you would read it. Start at the top left, go down to the bottom left before going to top right and then down to bottom right.

Question: The most complete version of the name is used [i.e., if in one spot it is Elizabeth and in another spot it is Elizabeth Ann, then type in Elizabeth Ann]

Answer: ALWAYS use the most complete given name you can find on the document.

Question: Type it as it is: Wm or Thos is written that way, NOT William or Thomas.

Answer: If the record says Wm, you type Wm --If the record says Thos, you type Thos --If the record says Jas, you type Jas

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