Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am looking for birth information on my great great grandfather Francis Waldren KELLEY, b. abt 1 Sept 1824, m. Mary A. RAYNOUR in Rock Island, IL around 1856. I don't know what county he would have been born in. I don't have names of his parents or siblings. I feel Waldren might be a family name but I haven't turned up any information. I appreciate any information you might offer. Sandi Patt 1705 S. Westgate Avenue #7 Los Angeles, CA 90025 spatt1@mac.com

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  1. i think his real name was francis walden kelly.do you have ancestry?i just found.this one was b.1824 d.1874 mary ann raynor was born 1830 in england 1930 d.1897.marriage date is same and they had 2 sons.actual tree is miller family tree