Saturday, June 23, 2012

IGS Adds Indiana Boys' School Database to Members-Only

The Indiana Genealogical Society has added a database of some 400+ inmates from the Indiana Boys' School to the Miscellaneous Records section of our Members Only area:

--Inmates at Indiana Boys' School, Plainfield, Indiana (1940)

The Indiana Boys' School was a state correctional institution established in Plainfield, Indiana in 1867 to reform male juvenile offenders through education. Judges from courts across Indiana could commit boys to the school if they had been charged with a crime or with being delinquent. In more recent times, the institution was called the Plainfield Juvenile Correctional Facility.

This database was extracted from information in the 1940 census for Hendricks County, Indiana and includes the date when each inmate was admitted (which ranges between 1932 and 1940). It is a premium database, accessible only to IGS members.

The Indiana Genealogical Society now has 823 databases in the Members Only area. Each of Indiana's 92 counties has at least 3 databases.

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