Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marriage Indexing: New Type of Marriage Return

We are getting new types of records for Sullivan County Marriage Returns, and some guidance is needed.

There is an age listed, but no birthdate so -- for the birthdate -- mark it blank.

Both color and race are included. Use whatever it says for RACE. Ignore COLOR.

Some indexers are including the names of the witnesses and the date recorded rather than he minister and the date of the marriage. Use only the MARRIAGE DATE and the name of the person who performed the ceremony.

Some are STILL adding Indiana to place names when it isn't indicated on the document -- and leaving it off when it is indicated.

And for the number of marriages, PLEASE enter ONLY what you see on the document for the number of marriages!


  1. Can you clarify race and color?

    If both are present, type in race?

    If race is abbreviated "Caus", type in Caus or Caucasian?

    If race is blank, but color says White, type in White or leave blank?

    If color is dark and race is African, type in African?

  2. Look for my recent post to answer all this right here on the blog.