Saturday, July 7, 2007

Indianapolis Cemetery to be Relocated

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) recently announced that they plan to move a pioneer cemetery on the northeast side of Indianapolis. The Whitesell (or Whitsell) Cemetery is a pioneer cemetery located on Castleton Road in Lawrence Township, near Wheaton Worldwide Moving. The cemetery overlooks Interstate 69, near the interchange with Interstate 465.

With Interstate 69 scheduled for expansion in 2012, INDOT plans to relocate Whitesell Cemetery to the pioneer section of Crown Hill Cemetery ( at 700 West 38th Street in Indianapolis, at a cost to the state of $400,000. This fall, the approximately 30 sets of remains thought to be buried in Whitesell will be mapped and exhumed by forensic anthropologists from the University of Indianapolis, then re-buried in the same configuration at Crown Hill Cemetery in the spring of 2008. The tombstones will also be moved to Crown Hill, with cemetery restoration expert John Walters performing some cleaning and repairs on the 150-year-old stones. A monument will also be erected at Crown Hill, explaining the relocation.

INDOT is seeking descendants of those buried in Whitesell Cemetery. Descendants should contact: Environment Services, INDOT, 100 N. Senate Ave., Room IGCN 755, Indianapolis IN 46204; Phone (317) 232-5112; E-mail

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