Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Query: Ruth Ann Ware, St. Joseph County

                I am trying to find a grave of a Stillborn from 1950 in St Joseph County.  Where would I find records as to the disposition of the body?  I cannot find a birth record or death record.  Would the County Health Department have any records? I do not know where to begin looking.
                I will be in Indiana in a few weeks and am trying to get my lists of what I need to do done.  The baby I am looking for is: Ruth Ann Ware, 16 April 1950.  Thank you for any direction you can give me.

Jeanne Dawson 
8165 Langdon Ave.
Hesperia, CA 92345-7119


  1. Have you tried Find-A-Grave?

  2. The County records is the first place to go. You can write them and they can look it up before you go.