Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ron Darrah Blogs About Indianapolis-Area Genealogy

The blogging world welcomes Ron Darrah! He recently started IndyGenealogy, a blog giving his views of the genealogy world from in and around Indianapolis. Ron is a frequent Indiana Genealogical Society contributor of databases and articles, and he shares his knowledge of all things Indiana (including military records and school records) by giving genealogy talks to groups across the state.

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  1. I have written this message once, but do not see it any where. Again, I maintain a data base of 1812 veterans buried in Indiana for the Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Indiana, There are over 1500 names listed in alphabetical order on our list; few are from Marion County. In looking at your list, you have individuals we do not have on our list. We also have individuals you do not have listed. You can feel free to use our information for any Marion County 1812 Veterans on our list. Would you be upset if we used some of your information in listing the individuals you have listed? Many of them we can probably back into from the same of other sources. If this sharing is OK, what does Murphy 1 or 3 refer to?