Tuesday, September 21, 2010

QUERY: Son of Jennie Lee KING (1918-1967) of Indianapolis

Mary Davis (marydavis809@windstream.net) is seeking information/whereabouts about 1 of 4 sons of an Indianapolis woman. Jennie Lee King [pictured at left] was born December 12, 1918 in Louisville, Kentucky, the oldest of 5 children of Walter King and Lillian Barbara Winkler.

In 1937 she graduated from Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. Jennie became pregnant and gave birth to son Michael James King (born 1938) – at the request of Jennie’s mother, he was cared for at St. Elizabeth’s Home until January 1939.

Jennie’s mother died in March 1943, then Jennie was hospitalized with spinal meningitis and was forced to place her son with a foster family named Hagerty in Kirklin, Clinton County, Indiana in November 1943. He was never placed for adoption but was turned over to the care of Catholic Charities.

Jennie had a second son, born in 1949 in Indianapolis – **This is the son whose whereabouts are being sought.**

In 1956, Jennie gave birth to a third son, Robert Lee King (or Patrick King) in Indianapolis. He was raised by an adoptive family.

Jennie later married William Lower and had a fourth son, Norman Lower. Jennie Lower died in July 1967 from injuries sustained in a car accident and was buried in Washington Park East Cemetery in Indianapolis.

In 2008 Jennie’s 3 sons met for the first time. They would very much like to find their brother. If anyone has any information on Jennie’s second son, please get in touch with Mary Davis at the address above.

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