Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randolph County Courthouse Begins Renovation

The Randolph County courthouse in Winchester, Indiana held a groundbreaking ceremony today for a $7.6 million, 18-month project to renovate it. Parts of the courthouse date back to 1875, and it was the subject of a lot of debate for the past few years about what to do with it. In 2005, county commissioners voted to demolish it, and in 2006, a group of women in their 80's who called themselves the "courthouse girls" made headlines when they posed nude in a calendar to help raise money to restore the courthouse.

During the renovation, county offices have been moved to Winchester's Town Square Business Center (located at 123 W. Franklin St.)


  1. Interesting, I hadn't heard this. I was just at the courthouse last summer working on some research. I'm glad to hear that they opted for renovation vs. demolition! Do we know if access to the records will be limited due to the temporary office move?

  2. Good question! We haven't seen anything in the news reports about whether access to the records will be limited because of the temporary move. Researchers would probably do well to call ahead.