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Query: GOODWIN/GOODWINE/JOHNSON of Putman and Clark Counties

My Great Grandfather, John Warren Goodwin, was born in Jackson, Putnam County, Indiana in August, 22, 1844. He was the son of John C. (I believe, Clark) Goodwin and Everlina (Eveline, Avaline) Johnson Goodwin.

John Warren stated that his father, John C., was born in Kentucky (the birth year has ranged in records from 1807 to 1810); and, moved with his family at an early age to Clark County, Indiana.

He also stated that his mother, Everlina (Johnson), was born in Kentucky; and, also moved with her family at an early age to Indiana. However, the 1850 census record I found shows her as being born about 1811 in Indiana. (Since they were married in Clark County, I suppose that is where she was born--if the census record is correct.)

John C. and Everlina were married in Clark County April 22, 1830; and, sometime after this, moved to Putnam County, Indiana.

They had the following children:
Francis M.; Robert J.;Sarah E.; Clarinda J.; Permelia; John W. (my great grandfather); and, Anthony L.

Everlina died in Putnam County in August 24,1852. Her burial record lists her name as Avaline Goodwin.

John C. married Mary A. Case in Putnam County in Feb 1853; and, sometime after this, they moved to Grove Township, Jasper County, Illinois.

John C. and Mary A. Case had a daughter, Elisabeth, about 1860. (I don't know if Elisabeth was born in Putnam County, IN; or, Jasper County, IL.)

John C. died in Grove Township, Jasper County, Illinois in 1872.

Does any one know which of the many Goodwins in the Clark County area were the parents of John C. Goodwin. I have tried to match the early census records by gender and age of young male children; however, the Goodwins had HUGE families; and, most had young sons within that age range.

I have only found one Johnson listed in the early census records for Clark County. However, there were quite a few Johnstons listed; so, I am wondering if there was an error in spelling when the information was transcribed? I have found nothing on Everlina Johnson except a marriage record; the 1850 census which had her name as Eveline; and, the burial record which lists her as Avaline.

To make matters even more complicated, John Warren Goodwin insisted that he was of "German extraction". Goodwin is usually a English/Scot/Irish surname. Is it possible John C. Goodwin was actually a Goodwine; or, some other surname that had been changed?

I have become so frustrated that I have talked a younger brother into joining the Goodwin DNA project. This may not help either; unless, another participant is a match.

Any help and consideration will be greatly appreciated.

Kathleen Goodwin Scott

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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I too am a Goodwin and I'm stuck with our tree too! Our Goodwin clan came to York, PA. I'm looking for the parents of Seth Goodwin (1769-1832).

    Should I come across another spelling of the name or have success with Seth, I'll keep you posted. Likewise, should you find anything on Seth, I'd greatly appreciate your sharing it.

    If we go back far enough- we're all related. :)

    Thanks and hugs,