Monday, July 20, 2009

Franklin County Census Glitch On

Users who access the 1840 census for Franklin County, Indiana on should be aware that not all of the census is where it should be. Alert user Jim Parvis has noticed that about 75% of the pages from the 1840 Franklin County census have been mistakenly included in Ancestry's images of the 1840 census for Fountain County, Indiana. In non-Ancestry versions, the Franklin County census runs from page 254 through page 319. Yet on Ancestry, it only shows pages 254 through 274 for Franklin County--beginning with page 275, the pages are attributed to Fountain County.

Users can reach these incorrectly assigned pages by going to 1840 Fountain County and then asking it to display those pages where the township is "not stated."

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  1. Thanks very for this pointer - I knew there was much missing but I didn't know where to start looking to find it!