Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marriage Indexing: Do It Your Way

Marriage Record Indexers

Tired of tabbing through all those unnecessary fields? And wouldn't it be nice if the fields were in the same order as the fields on the image? You can control both! 

Go to VIEW and look for the link at the bottom of the dropdown that says ORGANIZE FIELDS. Click on that and you can hide all those fields you don't need for this particular batch. Once that's done, you can then move the remaining fields up or down to arrange them into the same order in which they appear on the image. WOW! Now your grid looks just like you want it to and you'll finish this batch in no time at all! But beware!

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining so that means that for every silver lining, there is a cloud. The cloud in this case is that as soon as this batch is done and submitted, your organized fields go away with the batch. Download another batch and you'll have to organize the fields again. Is it worth it? For me it is at times -- other times I don't bother. It's up to you so do it your way!

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